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Falls Assessment for Elder in London

Falls Assessment for Elder in London

One of the most common risks for the elderly is falls. A single fall at old age can change the entire course of the rest of their lives. According to a medical statistics, falls are the most significant threat to independent living after a certain age and it increases the risk of an early death. Unexpected falls can be caused from sudden loss of consciousness or from the impact of an outside force resulting from heart problems, stroke or seizure. But healthcare experts consider a case of a fall when it occurs for a different reason. Usually, a fall occurs in a familiar environment, while carrying out a daily, routine activity. It is also seen in older people that a fall often signifies the development of a new illness. A fall also triggers the fear of falling again. Thus, you hold yourself back from enjoying life along its normal course.


Falls usually occur as a result of a combination of various risk factors. Falls create a psychological block, which casts a shadow on your ability to carry out the routine activities safely. There’re several reasons that affect your normal physical balance and the ability to walk. These include:

  • Chronic arthritis
  • Older age
  • Foot disorders
  • Chronic pain in the body
  • Weakening of the muscles in the legs
  • The fear of falling again
  • Lower level of vitamin D in the body
  • Brain or mood disorders, which include medical conditions like Alzheimer’s disease and dementia
  • Frailty

Medical assessment and fall avoidance solutions

If you’ve already experienced a fall or are at high risk of falling, our medical expert at All Well will suggest you the following tests to assess your current medical status:

  • An ECG and blood pressure check
  • An eye test to determine your vision
  • Testing for Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s, arthritis and other major chronic old-age ailments On the other hand, the expert medical practitioners at Age Well Clinic provide solutions to fall avoidance.
  • As a part of our home hazard management, our experts may visit your home to identify the potential hazards and equip you with the right advices
  • Our experts may also prescribe regular exercises that are suitable for you to boost physical strength and balance, which include gait and muscle training workout programs Thus, All Well is reputed to provide a comprehensive fall assessment solution to older adults.


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