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Dementia Treatment

Dementia Treatment


If you are over 65 years, chances are you might be suffering from memory loss. It is advised to talk to our GP and know more about the early signs and symptom of dementia.

It is quite a normal thing for your memory to get affected due to tiredness, stress, medications and certain illnesses.

However, dementia is not about memory loss only but it can also have an effect on the way how you speak, feel, think and behave.


At Age Well, we will help you detect the symptoms of dementia at an early stage and get it treated.

  • memory loss
  • difficulty in concentration
  • find it hard to perform daily activities like getting confused every now and then
  • change in mood
  • struggling to choose the right word for starting a conversation
  • being confused about place and time

There are different causes for dementia. People usually get confused about the difference between dementia and Alzheimer's disease.

Alzheimer Dementia

Alzheimer is the most common disease that causes dementia. Though dementia treatments cannot cure or reverse the decline, it can delay its progress and an early diagnosis is highly recommended.

Alzheimer's disease is a progressive condition where the symptoms gradually develop over several years and they become severe over time. It even leaves an effect on different brain functions.

Symptoms of Alzheimer’s disease:

Alzheimer’s disease has the same symptoms like dementia and some of them can be cured like an infection, thyroid problem or anaemia. Alternatively, they usually occur due to different factors such as alcohol, stress, depression or abuse.

Common symptoms include the functional and personality factors:

  • A difficulty in creating new memories.
  • Forgetting things like names, numbers and routines.
  • Not able to find certain things.
  • Feeling confused in known surroundings.
  • Losing your time sense.
  • Difficulty with calculations, numbers and money.
  • Difficulty in making plans, reasoning and thinking differently.
  • Becoming dependable or less responsible.
  • Passive behaviour and an unwillingness to stay involved.
  • Sudden mood swings without any reason.

Alzheimer’s dementia treatment:

Although there are several drugs that can now be prescribed, yet none of them provides any cure. Rather, they can only help in slowing down the development of dementia.

The drugs work by delaying the breakdown of acetylcholine, brain’s chemical messenger and temporarily stabilise or improve the brain function. However, the drugs do not work well for everyone and one may work better than the other for an individual.


Vascular dementia is a kind of dementia that occurs due to reduced blood flow to your brain. It is estimated to affect more than 150,000 people in the UK

Treatment: There is no cure for vascular dementia and you cannot reverse loss of brain cells that occurred before the condition had been diagnosed.

The treatment can sometimes help in slowing down vascular dementia.


There is no "cure" for dementia. In fact, dementia occurs due to various diseases and it is improbable that there will be a single cure for dementia.


According to experts, what is good for your heart is definitely beneficial for your brain. This means you can reduce the risks associated with dementia by:

  • eating a well- balanced diet
  • maintaining proper body weight
  • doing regular exercises
  • having blood pressure at a healthy level
  • reducing the intake of alcohol
  • quit smoking

Call our clinical team at 0203 326 9160 and we will help you to overcome the issues you are facing by performing dementia treatment in London.



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