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5 Unknown Facts about Parkinson’s disease for everyone

5 Unknown Facts about Parkinson’s disease for everyone
  • 3rd Oct 2018

Parkinson’s disease is a kind of illness that leads to depression though it is not fatal but reduces the longevity and quality of life. The symptoms of this disease progress quickly in case of old patients. It can become from mild to unbearable, depending on the condition of the patient. Your daily activities will begin to decline rapidly, thus leaving the ones who are suffering from this disease. You need to visit a Parkinson’s clinic and talk to a doctor about the problems you are facing. Read more to find some surprising facts about Parkinson’s disease.

  1. IBS symptoms – Parkinson’s causes an effect on the brain nerves that produces dopamine. This dopamine sends signals to your brain that affects how your body functions and moves. This disease affects the digestive functions of your body, causing diarrhoea and constipation. Dopamine has a major affect in the way your body functions and slows down bowel movements. Many patients with Parkinson’s disease take medication to overcome the symptoms of Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS) and constipation.
  2. Speech impairment – Speech is another factor that gets affected by this disease. Patients have reported degradation in their capability to communicate properly and some have even said that their voice pattern has changed completely. Some patients have also reported that their voices have become soft or hoarse which prevents others to hear them.
  3. Fainting and dizziness – Parkinson’s disease brings a change in the way you talk, communicate, sleep walk and even affects the functions of your body. Parkinson’s patients have reported that they suffer from fainting and dizziness. It can affect your blood pressure and cause patients to feel dizzy or faint. Visit your doctor for a Parkinson’s disease treatment before it gets too late.
  4. Loss of smell – If you are not able to smell properly, then this is a warning symptom of Parkinson’s disease. This means you will find trouble in getting the smell of some pungent foods such as onions, dill pickles and this issue will not improve till you see a doctor.
  5. Higher chances of depression and psychosis – If you are suffering from Parkinson’s disease, then dopamine will have a bad effect on your energy and mood. It may increase your suicidal thoughts and cause depression in many patients who are already down. It is important for these patients to see a good psychiatrist with other specialists to overcome psychological and mental effects of suffering from this disease.

It can be quite difficult to diagnose Parkinson’s disease and there isn’t any remedy for it. However, there are some medications and methods to overcome its symptoms. Detecting this disease at an early stage can help in improving the overall wellbeing of patients suffering from Parkinson’s disease though early signs of this illness are often unnoticed. Thus, if you are looking for Parkinson's disease treatment in London, visit a reputed clinic where the doctors can help you to overcome the symptoms as much as possible.


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