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5 Reasons You Should See a Geriatrician

5 Reasons You Should See a Geriatrician
  • 28th Aug 2018

Geriatricians, also called geriatric physician, is a doctor who specialises in treating, diagnosing and preventing diseases and disabilities in aged people. Their in-depth knowledge and years of experience in this relevant field will keep you happy and healthy during the golden years. If your loved ones are above 65 years, then you should take him/her to an elderly doctor specialist for creating the big difference in their lives.

Seniors have special medical needs starting from addressing their ageing process of managing different health issues and getting the needed support. Geriatricians have the proper understanding of how such problems can affect the ability of seniors in their daily activities and treat these conditions accordingly.

How a geriatrician can benefit the health of elderly people:

  • Frailty – Frailty is an unavoidable part of the ageing process, but it can affect the ability of elderly person's to function independently during different times such as needing more assistance and making them susceptible to falls. A geriatrician can help by taking part in problems and suggesting a proper care plan for the seniors.
  • Different medical issues – seniors can handle various medical conditions like arthritis, diabetes, heart disease and neurological problems. A geriatrician in London has done special training in interacting about these conditions with elderly people.
  • Several medications – Different medical conditions may require the taking of various prescription drugs. Seniors usually break down medications than the younger ones. Geriatricians have attained training to detect drug interactions and side effects in seniors.
  • Dementia – Loss of cognitive ability is an usual part of ageing, however, some symptoms might indicate certain conditions like Alzheimer's disease or depression. Geriatricians have been trained to understand the difference between signs of ageing and those related to a serious illness. They also help by providing the right treatment for the condition.
  • Caregiving advice – A caregiver for the seniors can be quite confusing and stressful. It becomes more difficult since most elderly people suffer from some kind of disease. Seniors might require help in carrying out their daily activities that include – bathing, going to the bathroom, eating or dressing. A geriatrician can help in getting the right support from professionals like a caretaker for the safety of aged people.

Visit a geriatrician for your elderly people:

Seniors usually have serious health issues and a geriatric specialist can provide the proper care and support for them. Various problems often require seeing a geriatrician to improve the health of aged people. A geriatric works with a team of specialists that include:

  • A geriatric nurse.
  • A geriatric psychiatrist.
  • A social worker.
  • Physical and occupational therapists.
  • A registered dietitian or a certified diabetes educator.
  • A pharmacist.

You may visit where there are experienced geriatricians who can take care of the elderly people with utmost care. However, if you cannot find a geriatrician for your senior member, then ask the doctor to help with a referral without delay. Thus, you may bring some improvement in the health of your aged member by seeing a geriatrician.


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